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Notes about projects, thoughts, and observations done after hours.

A blog about projects, thoughts, and observations done after hours.

The Process - Tutorial

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 5 years, lettering has grown a presence that frankly, it's hard to ignore. Platforms like Instagram have become an incubator for the thriving lettering community, and maybe you've been itching to be a part of it. Having the skills to create custom typography isn't necessary, but it will definitely make you more valuable.

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Death Before Creative Block

So you opened a new document 10 minutes ago and instead of beginning the project, you fall into a strange type of semi-paralysis that seems to only affect the motion of your thoughts. You reach for your phone and begin scrolling through Instagram seeing new posts by other creatives every time you refresh the page. Instead of admiration and support, you are filled with petty questions. Like — how did he think of that? Did she get hired to do that? He got that many likes??

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