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Notes about projects, thoughts, and observations done after hours.

A blog about projects, thoughts, and observations done after hours.

Forward Progress

Planning for the future is usually wasted energy if you're still struggling with what direction to go. Whether that's about your career or what type of bagel to order with your breakfast sandwich (go with an everything bagel). Instead of thinking broad, think small steps. I know, fortune cookies have better advice than that. To practice this all too familiar principle, I worked on a DIY weekend project that helped remind me that momentum is to progress as an everything bagel is to a breakfast sandwich.

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2017 Year in Review

It's not hard to glance back at 2017 and not picture a garbage fire but let's not get too critical. Panning in and reflecting on my growth as a person and creative, I noticed things that I hope to get better at in 2018. Not in the sense of creating New Year Resolutions but more so knowing what I should continue doing in the new year.

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