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Notes about projects, thoughts, and observations done after hours.

A blog about projects, thoughts, and observations done after hours.

2017 Year in Review

Fig. 1

Fig. 1


A year of finding a new pace and doing more of what I enjoy

It's not hard to glance back at 2017 and not picture a garbage fire but let's not get too critical. Closing in and reflecting on my own growth as a person and creative, I noticed things that I hope to get better at in 2018. Not in the sense of creating New Year Resolutions but more so knowing what I should continue doing in the new year. Continuing to challenge myself to learn new skills, be more ambitious, be more thoughtful, and more importantly, be more kind to others. 

The last year was full of risks and unknowns. I started 2017 with a move to Brooklyn NY with the simple idea of making sure to be honest with myself and to do what I say. One thing I'm most proud of is releasing my publication that I authored and illustrated, Farewell Monsters zine. A personal project that took months to complete and was able to release it in November. Another accomplished goal, and probably the most important, is getting the job I wanted last June and just the other week receiving my first promotion in the company.

The image above is a collection of all my personal and professional projects that I completed in 2017. All of which I'm very proud of and challenged me in different ways. It's neat to look at each piece and think about the creative process it took to complete them and thinking about what worked and what didn't. Those things that worked will be carried into 2018. Along with a head full of ideas.

Fig. 2

Fig. 2


Let me tell you about a goal that's a bit less exciting but means a lot to me. Having my own creative space, and no, I've never had my own desk. Sure I had my fair share of school/work desks, but I'm talking about my own personal work space. The two years freelancing back home in Lancaster, Pa, I worked out of coffee shops, shared work-spaces, and on my own bed. With the move to Brooklyn came an extra bedroom that became the office. A space I can create, make a mess, brake things, and fix things. Also, if you're a photographer, artist, or designer and are selling prints—let me know. There's still space to fill. 


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