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A blog about projects, thoughts, and observations done after hours.



To Find And To Keep.

I was never much into displaying roses for the sake of decoration. It’s only recently that I've grown to appreciate the idea around it. I get the thoughtful regards when it comes to gifting or receiving a floral arrangement. Maybe it’s because I always saw roses as living objects that reside in the spaces between here and there. Colors that blossom in fields of dirt. Hidden in gardens or scattered along walking paths. It’s a selfish decision to choose to remove a rose from nature and place it into a vase for your own personal benefit.

I’m less concerned about the well-being of flowers within a flower shop. They have already been picked, cut, and displayed for the purpose of a transaction. It's the roses with roots still in soil that I show compassion for. But what do you do when you find that perfect rose out in the wild? Do you severe its stem and bring home? Perhaps, it’s better to leave it and let others appreciate its beauty. Leave it for someone else to steal it from the world. Let them carry that guilt.


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