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Notes about projects, thoughts, and observations done after hours.

A blog about projects, thoughts, and observations done after hours.

Published in Motive Vol.1

Reading interviews of creatives that I aspire to has been a common past time between projects. Getting my first copy of The Great Discontent back in 2014 gave me a taste of how impactful hearing someones else’s life story had on my life. I always hoped to have the opportunity to do the same so when Danny Owens asked if I wanted to take part in his artist series for his book Motive, I jumped on the offer.

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All We Do Is Drive

My first job out of High School was at a local Detail Shop cleaning cars. That might not sound all that cool but do you know what was cool at 18? A clean car. Do you know what was cooler than a clean car? A cool, clean car. Like most guys my age, I embarked on the rightful passage of buying a car and dumping every hard-earned dime into expensive car parts. The silver lining to the years of costly repairs and maintenance is that the money I got from selling the car was what made it possible to move here to NYC.

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